Ziggy Elman + Naftule Brandewein

by BAP

most famous piece "And the angels sing" AKA "FREYLECH IN SWING"

I of course like others and am currently learning about some of the great spanish style trumpeters, but Ziggy is becoming lost to the past. I always felt that Bix was overrated. He was very competent but did not push the envelope and stayed with sweet bands not hot.

Elman was one of many Jazz greats who brought Klezmer (eastern european) style to Jazz.

I have recordings of Basie, Goodman, Ellington, Calloway, and many other mainstreamers doing klezmer songs; Even Mildred Bailey.

Southern Jazz did not just come from Bourbon and Beale Streets. Some of the evolution of the solo came from klezmer music.

Armstrong spent some time with a Jewish family called the Karnofskys. He may have been influenced at that time.

Jazz is best as an evolving fusion, growing like the Blob every time it finds something edible. It does best when it is hot!

Naftule Brandewein was one of the two best Klezmer clarinetists

His rendition of "Der Shtiller Bulgar" with Abe Schwartz's Orchestra was the basis for the Elman song.

All greats should be remembered.

Brandewein was an unreliable drinker - the Klezmer Beiderbecke

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