Bunny Berigan

by Jimmy Caulfield
( NEW Ross Ireland)

i admire a lot of Jazz trumpet Players but my favorite trumpet player is Bunny Berigan.

my favorite trumpet solo that i to listen most is Bunny Berigan playing I cant get started.

it was so sad that he departed this world so young at the age of 26 years Just like a lot of so many other great players like Beiderbecke and so many more

Berigans's work in the lower register was far superior
to other trumpet player's in my opinion his best recordings were from 1935 to 1937 when he recorded With The Benny Goodman Band Vols 5 to 7

together with Bix whose own short life ended in a similar way, Bunny Berigan Was one Of the greatest Jazz trumpet players of all time.

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